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A collection of stories and songs to listen to and download to brighten up those long and difficult days of health crisis, where thousands of children are forced to stay at home, away from school and their friends.
Ocarina shares a selection of original OcarinaSound tracks and others offered by Ocarina Partners!
In addition, by signing on Ocarina Mia you will also be able to download other original content.

And it does not stop there!
In your Ocarina, you can also find other 50 original tracks, including stories, lullabies and songs, in 5 different languages!
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Ocarina stories

In Italian

by OcarinaSound

Ocarina offers a selection of stories and songs for children from its classic edition and other new tracks produced by OcarinaSound.

Frau Holle [mp3]

I tre porcellini [mp3]

La Capretta e la Iena [mp3]

Il Gatto con gli stivali [mp3]

Los cuentos originales Ocarina

In Español

by OcarinaSound

Madre Nieve [mp3]

Los Musicos De Bremen [mp3]

Gallo Kiriko [mp3]

Other recommended stories and tales

Here are some links from which you can listen to or download audio content.

Lezioni sul Sofà: here you will find stories, poems, nursery rhymes, videos, games, workshops for children and adolescents

Tutto scuola: listen here “Le favole al telefono” by Gianni Rodari

Locomoctavia Audiolibri: a tale a day from the ’12 fiabe di 12 maghi ‘collection edited by Italiano Marchetti.

We also note here below some Facebook pages that offer live entertainment for children at home:

Martina cantastorie

Saremo Alberi 

La Maestra Consuelo


Una raccolta di tracce home made realizzate dalla community di Ocarina da scaricare gratuitamente.

Alice Guerrini – Siena (Italia)
24000 baci

Anna Salvetti – Colle Val D’Elsa (Italia)
Alice Cascherina
Gli uomini di burro
Il palazzo da rompere
La strada di cioccolato

Gianluca Giannini – Firenze
Capretto Rosso

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