Animal Verses

Ocarina is 5 years old!
In June Ocarina celebrated its first 5 years of made in Italy production with a big party. 5 years that were very intense, dedicated to entertaining, singing, dancing, relaxing children from all over the world, stimulating them to listen to fairy tales, songs and lullabies, all of high quality and in different languages. Until today OcarinaSound – the name that defines Ocarina’s audio productions – has made many original tracks thanks to important collaborations in Italy and abroad: from the French “Bloom – la radio des enfants” Parisian reality that develops audio content with innovative format, to Storynory the most important independent English producer that for over 15 years has been making audio-fairy tales for early childhood, up to the well-known German publisher which proposes a growing collection of classic fairy tales for children.

The new OcarinaSound audio project
The last production just developed by OcarinaSound is titled “Animal verses” a new audio project aimed in particular at children of preschool age with recreational but also educational purposes. A total of 25 sounds followed by an introduction speech recorded by some Ocarina’s little friends describing in three different languages (Italian, English, French), the animal’s name and the respective call. Thanks to the new shuffle function, which allows for random reproduction, children have the opportunity to hear the sound and try to guess the animal that emits it. The little ones do not always know that the deer bells, the owl hoots and the whale sings … thanks to these new audio tracks they will be able to learn many animal sounds not always known and easy to memorize.

The new Ocarina Summer Edition
Starting this month, the playlist with the sounds of animals was included in the new Summer edition, the special version of Ocarina dedicated to summer, the sea and travel. In addition to these new tracks, within the Summer Edition you can find a special playlist with songs about the sea, the heat, the surf, the holidays and of course all the audio content found in the classic Ocarina will also be present.

Here you can find information on the Ocarina Summer Edition and its contents.