Babywearing: the advantages for the little ones and for mum and dad

Carrying children in the wrap is an increasingly popular practice. Wrapped in a fabric or in a baby carrier, always in close contact with mum or dad. A way of moving with your children, transporting them and supporting them that comes from ancient times and that in many African and Eastern countries is a tradition still in use.
Although in the Western countries the Babywearing is a less widespread habit, in recent years many parents are rediscovering and re-evaluating it as a real high-contact and maternage treatment method suitable for raising their children.

Benefits for children
Small humans are “programmed” to be held by their parents all day. This is a fundamental need for them as important as drinking and eating. The use of the wrap allows to recreate an environment similar to the mother’s womb, in which the baby feels enclosed and protected thanks to this closeness, warmth and love.

The child is more easily integrated into the family routine: it lives “at the height” of the parent, has the opportunity to observe the world and receive stimuli, sharing the experience of the adult.

The sense of balance is constantly stimulated because the child must balance and follow the movements of the wearer. Babywearing is also very effective in protecting the child’s back and reducing the risk of dysplasia and / or dislocation of the hip.

This practice is very useful for newborn children, but even in the older ones it represents an extra chance to be together in a special way and to relax.

The advantages for mom and dad
With baby carriers and wraps it is possible to have total freedom of movement and to go anywhere: you can climb the stairs, you can walk during the day but also at night, in the heat or in the cold, in noisy places like even at a concert! … Children tightly wrapped so close with the parents, it does not need anything else and most of the time it falls asleep.

The continuous closeness favors that deep understanding that allows the mother to intuit the needs of the child, interpreting the bodily signals and facial expressions.

Baby wrap is a valid support to breastfeed comfortably even when you are away from home.

The babywearing favors the early development of the father-son connection.

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For further information, below we point out some of the most qualified associations specialized in babywearing divided per country:
For Italy we advise you to visit Portare i Piccoli, the first Italian site specializing in the topic of carrying, intended for parents and early childhood professionals, and the Bimbinfascia portal, one of the first Italian associations that dealt with babywearing.
Below is the site of the Swiss association ASpb.
For France the reference association is AFPB.
for Spain we mention Red Canguro. For further information in Spanish visit also the national pedriatric web page Porteo de los bebés