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Traveling with children

Leaving is exploring new sensations definitely it falls among the “good” emotions that a child can breathe next to the parents. The little ones have the innate gift to adapt to situations, what matters is that they are supported by peaceful adults who make live a positive atmosphere. Will choose the sea like last year or you’ll launch at a time for a new adventure? Remember that there are no privileged destinations than other for traveling with small children, the important thing is to privilege situations where even the youngest can find interest in and feel at ease. The trip helps make a living experience of novelty, discovery and deepening that staying at home in the usual environment is rarely experienced. Travelling means looking at the world with new eyes as those of our children and discover with them unexplored places sharing the same magic and wonder.

There are at least five good reasons to go with Ocarina:
To record sounds and thoughts
To fall asleep lulled by the sound
To develop the travel diary and storytelling
To cuddle anywhere
To reassure him with the sound of “home”

Ocarina is also passionate about travel and the journey has been the key element of the project since its inception. The idea was born five years ago from the experience of a young Florentine family dynamic that has tested the first ancestor of Ocarina during a trip to Cambodia. That both the sea or the mountain is your summer destination, the first music player designed for the little ones is the perfect companion to take on the go. Mobile, versatile and durable Ocarina is synonymous with security, made in Italy using non-toxic materials. Travelling with her allows you to record sounds and thoughts and tell a fairy tale. Ocarina immerses your children in a safe and quiet situation making him “breathe” the air of home while traveling. Close your eyes and Ocarina brings you home. And remember, dear mom and dad, no matter go to the ends of the earth because traveling is a condition, just do it with curiosity and discovery

What are you waiting for? Plans the next trip. Ocarina will be happy to be with you!

Music Day and is already summer. Win Ocarina with Evian!

The Music Day is a great popular event that takes place every year on June 21 in many cities in the world. Started in France in 1982 with the purpose to celebrate the summer solstice is the anniversary par excellence dedicated to all music lovers, professionals and amateurs who share their love for music. The celebration has involved many European cities and has spread widely around the world. Every street is pervaded by the magic that is created thanks to those who experience it and loves music in all its forms and declination. The main feature of the events is the spontaneity that comes from the desire to play freely.The Edition 2016 in Italy is supported for the first time by theMinistry of Cultural Heritage Culture and Tourism and SIAE.

 All around Europe many cities today will put music at the center. From Paris to Barcelone, from London to Atene to Berlin each cities celebrate the music on his own way. Many concerts in the streets, squares, gardens, courtyards, palaces, museums and castles to the rhythm of jazz, soul, funk, rock, and many genres of music marking the time of this special day.

Ocarina love and support the Music Day that puts music at the center to share it and celebrate it in all its forms: a special occasion of celebration that helps us remember a day more the importance that music plays in people’s lives regardless of the apparent differences such as demographic, gender or cultural.

Today to celebrate the music we can do even more, by attending in the Evian competition where you can win Ocarina. Joining is simple and fun: Tell us in a few words what music your baby listen. You can partecipate until July 13!


 Today more than ever, celebrate the Music all together!

FOG – The Florence Youth Festival

Ocarina loves music, specially when children are protagonists. This is why we love so much the Florence Youth Festival that was born in Florence in 1999 by the Academy San Felice Music School. Florence Youth Festival, FOG, is a music festival born with the intent to promote music and give to young musicians from around the world the opportunity to live a unique musical experience in Florence and Tuscany. The main venue of the festival is Loggia dei Lanzi in Piazza della Signoria, Florence, but many are the amazing places in which the Festival lives: Lucca, Prato, San Gimignano, Montecatini Terme, Perugia and Assisi. The festival reaches this year the 18th edition and involves 11 non-professional youth orchestras from all over the world. Since its inception and more and more every year the FOG is growing in terms of participation of both youth orchestras and public.

Each participating Orchestra has the opportunity to perform in a small tour in these beautiful cities. The average age of the musicians is from 12 to 18 years old. All the partecipants have the possibility to bring their passion for music in wonderful venues, real open-air museums. In addition to program and to promote the festival which takes place in July, FOG also organizes concert tour around Italy to promote the music exchange within the Italian territory. During festival the music really speaks a single language. Every night, as music creates socializing, the magic turns on. The concerts are all free and open access. We recommend you not to loose it!

The orchestras participating this year are:

NUS Symphony Orchestra (Singapore, 57 musicisti)

Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra (USA, 50 musicisti)

Musikgymnasiumsochester Graz (Austria, 38 musicisti)

Cork Youth Orchestra (Irland, 120 musicisti)

Orchestra Cupiditas (Italy, 50 musicisti)

Viotta Symphony Orchestra (The Netherlands, 75 musicisti)

Royal Symphonic Wind Orchestra “Vooruit” (Belgium, 75 musicisti)

Dutch Youth String Orchestra (The Netherlands, 20 musicisti)

Frysk Jeugd Orkest (The Netherlands, 66 musicisti)

Jugendphilharmonie Ludwigsburg (Germany, 60 musicisti)

Prochains concerts:

22 luglio 21,00 | Cortile Federico II – Cremona
Dutch Youth String Orchestra
program: P. Hellendaal, H. Andriessen, S. Barber, A. Vivaldi, A. Piazzolla, N. Rota
violin: Hawijch Elders
director: Carel den Hertog

23 luglio 21,15 | Loggia dei Lanzi
Jugendphilharmonie Ludwigsburg
program: P.I. Tschaikowski, F. Mendelsshon Bartholdy, A. Dvorak
violin: Joana Oster
director: Dietrich Schoeller-Manno

26 luglio 21,15 | Terme Tettuccio
Jugendphilharmonie Ludwigsburg
program: P.I. Tschaikowski, F. Mendelsshon Bartholdy, A. Dvorak
violin: Joana Oster
director: Dietrich Schoeller-Manno

25 luglio 21,15 | Biblioteca Lazzerini – Prato
Jugendphilharmonie Ludwigsburg
program: P.I. Tschaikowski, F. Mendelsshon Bartholdy, A. Dvorak
violin: Joana Oster
director: Dietrich Schoeller-Manno

24 luglio 21,00 | Castello Cortile Estivo – Bentivoglio
NUS Symphony Orchestra
program: G.Rossini, L.v. Beethoven, S. Prokofiev, A. Vivaldi, C. Gounod, T.S. Liu
director: Lim Soon Lee

Read the full program

Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children

Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children? Many studies analyzing the children’s sleep increasingly refers of the benefits of so-called “white noise”. But how this kind of noise act over children? Being the noise of the kitchen hood on or the sound of the dryer our puppy sleeps placid in the arms of Morpheus.

These sounds have the power to eliminate those annoying focusing on those pleasant. We can test the same effect during a dinner in a full dining room of a restaurant; the background noise is a sound that, contrary to what we may think, gladdens the sleep of children. Even in nature there are white noises, we think of the sound of rain or the one of waterfalls in the mountains. The primary characteristic of white noise is its repetitiveness that helps the brain to ignore the frequencies that may stimulate relaxing the body and also the mind. The sound, as the white light it is for all the colors, is the sum of all the audible frequencies at which the repeated sound of the vacuum cleaner or water that flows are very close.
The pediatrician Harvey Karp says that whites are the same noises that babies listen to in the womb of their mother. A scientific study of infants published in Archives of Disease in Childhood shows that children hearing the white noise were more than three times more likely to fall asleep within five minutes than those non subjected to the noise. “But we must not exaggerate – warns developmental pediatrician Oliviero Bruni – on exposure time and volume of listening – and continues to explain that – it is not entirely clear why the white noise functions.” On many occasions, however, may be a life jackets for parents who after several attempts fail to appease the agitated puppy. Turn on a hair dryer can unleash magic and enchantment as our child is able to find the tranquility and moments later maybe even sleep. The help of white noise has been noted even at Buckingham Palace, where it transpired that, unbelievably, even the Prince George in his first months of life liked to relax and to fall asleep with the sound of water coming down from the tap!
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