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Ocarina, come prima più di prima!

11/08/21 Ocarina listens to

With this slightly revisited love song, we want to celebrate the summer of the new Ocarina.    In fact, the new family was launched a few days ago, always 100% made in Italy and faithful to its ecological approach, but even more colorful, resistant and transportable, simpler and safer! And these are the reasons why we all love Ocarina, even more than before, as Tony Dallara sang in 1957 in the famous song Come prima. An Italian music evergreen with which the singer, born in Campobasso, inaugurated a new style – breaking with the melodic tradition – whose interpreters were called the”screamers”, rather in line with the new American models.  These are the years of the ‘Dolce vita’, when with the economic boom,  the desire to live and enjoy the beauty, the climate and the entertainment of one of the most beautiful cities in the world explodes. And still today, to the ears of those who did not experience that period, songs like Come prima play with their charge of optimism and good humor.    
Come prima will be very well known beyond national borders, becoming a popular hit also in France, thanks to the beautiful interpretation of Dalida.  
At this point we wish you happy holidays and start singing this beautiful song out loud!    
Here you can buy the Italian version, here the French one    
Here below is the video