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Ocarina in Tour – five unique audio guides for little travelers

17/12/21 Ocarina listens to Uncategorized

This year, for the Christmas season, Ocarina launches the “Ocarina in Tour” project for little travelers, perfect for a trip, to discover the main Italian cities of art.

A playlist with 5 unique audio guides or “audio walks” for children – even for the very young ones – dedicated to Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. The tracks have been realized by Ocarina in collaboration with art and entertainment historians, well-known in Italy and abroad. All in three different languages: Italian, French and English, and of course child-friendly!

In this project, Ocarina appears in the role of “Cicerone” preparing children to visit the cities, among the most beautiful streets and monuments, sometimes even unknown, intriguing, stimulating and conveying the atmosphere and the local popular culture. Great attention has been paid to the anecdotes and to the soundscape, through typical songs, city noises and popular voices, with the aim of raising children’s expectations, involving them and making them live a complete ‘audio experience’. A way, therefore, to travel while staying at home, or to familiarize with the city we’re visiting or we’re going to visit.

But that’s not all… In the coming months Ocarina plans to expand the project to other European capitals such as Paris and London!

The playlist with the 5 tracks can be purchased for download on the Audio section of our web site.