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Ocarina listens: Itsy Bitsy Spider

18/07/22 Ocarina listens to

Today Ocarina listens to Itsy Bitsy Spider, a cute U.S. folk nursery rhyme much loved and sung by children all over the world.

The ditty tells the story of a little spider and his adventures as he climbs up and down and tries again to climb up again a gutter. It is not easy for Itsy Bitsy Spider to get all the way to the top of the gutter, because he often finds himself pushed away by the rain, but thanks to his determination finally he succeeds and is thus able to hug his mommy again. In addition to being cheerful and funny, Itsy Bitsy Spider thus has within it a teaching message of never giving up in the face of difficulties!

Easy for even very young children to learn, the nursery rhyme is accompanied by a hand game of mimicking the movements of the little spider with fingers. In the original English version, Itsy Bitsy Spider is also often used by parents and teachers to introduce children in a fun way not only to music, but also to English language learning.

Although the first version of the song dates back to 1910 with the title “Spider Song,” over the years Itsy Bitsy Spider has been re-recorded and sampled many times; below we show three versions, in Italian, English and French: