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Ocarina goes to school

15/09/21 Ocarina (Re)Player

This year the bell will also ring for Ocarina. With the beginning of the school, the new Ocarina (re) Player project starts in schools ; a non-profit project in which Ocarina provides refurbished music players for educational and recreational activities.  In the sperimental initial phase, that will begin during September in Piedmont, 6 schools are already involved (infant schools and the first year of primary schools). The intent is to propose a format including the introduction of audio books as an educational and didactic tool. The sprimental theme will be the exploration of emotions, through stories able to offer children greater awareness of their emotional states, but also a good basis for reading and improving their expressive abilities. 
The stories are published by DeAgostini, while the narrator is from the Albero Azzurro. The audio tracks will thus be charged in the Ocarina Players so that they will be easily accessible individually by each child.    
In addition to the schools, the subjects involved are the Association ‘Nessuno’, as leader, in collaboration between consultants and the Specchio dei Tempi Foundation. Among the objectives of the program is to export the project to other regions as well.    
Meanwhile, Ocarina, again as part of the Ocarina (re) Player project, has already activated other collaborations with schools in France, cultural or health associations, pediatric departments, and child care professionals.
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