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Customize your Ocarina,
choose from our Playlists!

Lots of stories, fairy tales, songs and nursery rhymes created by OcarinaSound in collaboration with many producers and artists.
With the Ocarina tracks, children can have fun, develop their imagination, relax, but also learn many new things! Each Playlist has been designed paying attention to the various age groups and the different purposes of use.

Available in 5 languages ​
Playlists in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.
To download for free or upon payment.

Classical Xmas Music

Ocarina in tour 🇪🇸

Fabulous Trees 🇬🇧

Arbres Fabuleux 🇫🇷

Alberi Favolosi 🇮🇹

Ocarina in tour 🇬🇧

Ocarina in tour 🇫🇷

Ocarina in tour 🇮🇹

Xmas Collection 🇫🇷

Xmas Collection 🇬🇧

What a feeling

Quelle émotion!

Che emozione!

Summer Collection 🇬🇧

Summer Collection 🇩🇪

Tierische Freunde

Summer Collection 🇫🇷

La Fontaine Favole

Quel Bonheur #2

Quel Bonheur #1

Xmas Collection 🇮🇹

White Noises

The Talent Suitcase

Summer Collection 🇮🇹

Sounds Of Nature

Les Cris Des Animaux

Un crocodile à la piscine #1

Un crocodile à la piscine #2

La Fontaine Fables 🇫🇷

La Fontaine Fables

English Rhymes – Collection 2

English Rhymes – Collection 1

World Lullabies

Musica Bang!

Fables Collection 1


Animal Friends

Amigos animales

Classical Music – Collection 2

Amis Animaux

Cuentos Para Niños

Animal Sounds

La Valise Du Talent

La Valigia Del Talento

I Versi Degli Animali

Fiabe – Collection 2

Fiabe – Collection 1

Classical music – Collection 1

Amici Animali

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