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Ocarina Dodò

Ocarina – the music player for children – introduces Dodò, the special edition dedicated to relaxation and sleep.

Ocarina Dodò contains masterpieces of classical music, white noise, nature sounds, lullabies and fairy tales in various languages selected for their power to facilitate the children’s relaxation and let them sleep peacefully.

Ocarina has features specifically studied to make children falling asleep, such as sleep timer and key lock.

Here is the index of playlists that are already configured, with a rich track selection.
There are 50 tracks for a total duration of about 10 hours:
9 tracks of classical music
5 fairy tales and 1 lullaby in Italian by OcarinaSound, produced exclusively for Ocarina
5 nature sounds
5 fairy tales in English by Storynory, England’s most important independent producer that for over 15 years has been producing audio fairy tales for young children
5 fairy tales in German by, which shares with Ocarina the aim of spreading and stimulating listening to audio content of early childhood.
3 white noise
1 audio track in French by Bloom -la radio des infants – a lively Parisian reality that develops rich and varied audio content to let children listen with concentrated ears and eyes wide open to the world.
3 educational tales in Italian, English and French by various authors
5 original songs in the singer of violin cellist Noemi Berril

Ocarina Dodò contains a selection of pieces dedicated to relaxation and rest:

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