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The Pond is the virtual magazine that talks about audio for children. On The pOnd you can find listening suggestions, to keep up to date with current or past audio content to share also with your children. You can also find here in-depth studies, records, interviews with experts on topics related to audio and parenting.

02/01/23 Uncategorized

Once upon a time there was a record player

Portable, round-shaped, colorful, many people will compare Ocarina to the contemporary version of the dear old record player of the 1970s. This comparison is very welcome to us, since we […]

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02/01/23 Uncategorized

Ocarina listen: Farewell Papa – Pinocchio

“You have to do your best, and that’s the best anyone can do.” Talking Cricket in Pinocchio To get the new year off to the best possible start, Ocarina listens […]

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16/12/22 Uncategorized

This Christmas celebrate with Ocarina to the rhythm of music and lots of beautiful fairy tales!

As a special treat, we are giving all our friends the two winning audio fairy tales of the Ocarina International Literary Contest “A Fabulous Christmas.”Volpe Cucciola e la polverina magica […]

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16/12/22 Uncategorized

Today Ocarina listens to “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”

Today we listen to a popular Christmas song beloved by children around the world: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Composed in 1949 by singer-songwriter Jonny Marks, who was inspired by […]

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02/12/22 Uncategorized

Ocarina turns 10 – our commitment in childhood audio  

From personal experience to a goal to share  Ocarina’s idea was born in the family. We were on the eve of a long trip with young children (1-3-5 years old) […]

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11/11/22 Uncategorized

November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

For this Black Friday, a shower of rain is expected, a rich and sonorous rain of music! And as a soundtrack we could only choose November Rain, a famous song […]

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31/10/22 Uncategorized

Today Ocarina listens to “La bella tartaruga”/The beautiful turtle

Today Ocarina listens to “La bella tartaruga”/The beautiful turtle, a wonderful children’s song that the singer-songwriter Bruno Lauzi wrote in the 1970s. Composed by the artist from Genova himself on […]

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28/10/22 Insights

The power of fairy tales. How, when and why to write a fairy tale

Gianni Rodari the master of Fantasy…“Fantasy is a serious thing” so wrote the great author of children’s novels Gianni Rodari, according to whom imagination and fantasy are not an “idle […]

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22/09/22 Insights Collaborations

Animal sounds on display at the Philharmonie de Paris

From now on at the “Philharmonie de Paris” you can find Ocarina! Our Player has been included in the experiential kits made available to families for different visiting paths. Inaugurated […]

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22/09/22 Ocarina listens to

Au clair de la lune

Today we are listening to Au clair de la lune, a sweet French nursery rhyme from the 18th century, known all over the world as a gentle lullaby for the […]

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