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The Pond is the virtual magazine that talks about audio for children. On The pOnd you can find listening suggestions, to keep up to date with current or past audio content to share also with your children. You can also find here in-depth studies, records, interviews with experts on topics related to audio and parenting.

22/09/22 Insights Collaborations

Animal sounds on display at the Philharmonie de Paris

From now on at the “Philharmonie de Paris” you can find Ocarina! Our Player has been included in the experiential kits made available to families for different visiting paths. Inaugurated […]

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22/09/22 Ocarina listens to

Au clair de la lune

Today we are listening to Au clair de la lune, a sweet French nursery rhyme from the 18th century, known all over the world as a gentle lullaby for the […]

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07/09/22 Uncategorized

Back to school is a very important time: the experience of two teachers

The most common thing for all students and teachers, and one that marks the end of summer vacation, is the arrival of September and the fateful back-to-school day. While this […]

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07/09/22 Ocarina listens to

Ocarina at the Festivaletteratura di Mantova

Once again, this year Ocarina will be a sponsor of the Festivaletteratura di Mantova with two events for both children and adults to be held on Thursday, September 8 and […]

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18/07/22 Ocarina listens to

Ocarina listens: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Today Ocarina listens to Itsy Bitsy Spider, a cute U.S. folk nursery rhyme much loved and sung by children all over the world. The ditty tells the story of a […]

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13/07/22 Ocarina listens to

Today’s Ocarina Listen #240: Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Today Ocarina listen to Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, a song that has been topping all the major charts around the world for weeks. A resounding success due […]

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12/07/22 Insights

Whale songs: sounds and melodies across the sea

Always considered the giants of the sea, whales are mysterious animals, protagonists of tales and legends. What also undoubtedly makes them fascinating is their way of communicating, an incredible and […]

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08/06/22 Ocarina listens to

Reality from “La Boum”

Today, Ocarina continues its journey through the soundtracks of movies and TV series of the past. Let’s listen to Reality from the French movie La Boum (English title: The Party or […]

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18/05/22 Insights Ocarina news

New Playlist Out now!

“Fabulous Trees”: 5 audio stories from all around the world that have trees as protagonists.Ocarina continues to celebrate spring with a new playlist entitled “Fabulous Trees.” Until June 21, on […]

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18/05/22 Ocarina listens to

Today Ocarina listens: The theme song of “Woobinda”

Today we take a step back through the theme songs of the 1970s and listen to “Woobinda”! The children’s television series Woobinda (Animal Doctor) is a co-production with German with Australian television, filmed in 1968, about […]

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