Ocarina Music Player

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Free shipping | 24 months warranty | Made in Italy

The Music Player designed for children

Ocarina is the only Music Player made for children, covered in shockproof rubber, with an ergonomic handle, rechargeable battery and superior sound quality.
It does not emit electromagnetic waves or light emissions that could be dangerous or unsuitable for children.
Made in Italy production, quality and control.


Ocarina Classic Edition

Discover the classic versions of Ocarina

Sky Blue

Light Yellow

Pure Green

Fire Red

Ocarina Special Editions

Discover the special versions of Ocarina

How Ocarina works

Discover how the child-friendly Player works

Buy your favorite Playlists

Customize your Ocarina

Relaxing Bach

Comptines en Musique Coll.1

Filastrocche Cantate Coll.1 – Ocarina