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The pOnd


The Pond is the virtual magazine that talks about audio for children. On The pOnd you can find listening suggestions, to keep up to date with current or past audio content to share also with your children. You can also find here in-depth studies, records, interviews with experts on topics related to audio and parenting.

08/11/23 Ocarina listening tips

Excellence in Italian Design: Ocarina on the ADI Design Index List

Ocarina has been included in the ADI Design Index, the annual list of the best Italian design products that will participate in the selection of the Compasso D’Oro, one of the […]

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07/11/23 Children's listening and sleeping

New Ocarina playlists for your children’s relaxation and well-being

Music has the power to take us to magical places and touch the deepest chords of our soul. The four playlists we are introducing today are a sound journey designed […]

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07/11/23 Ocarina listening tips

the Batman theme

Today Ocarina listens to one of the television theme songs that has most captured the collective imagination, the Batman theme song, a piece that embodies the timeless appeal of Gotham City’s superhero […]

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10/10/23 Ocarina listening tips

100 years of Disney magic: unforgettable soundtracks

October 16, 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company: a century since Walt and his brother Roy introduced the world to Disney magic, bringing dreams and enchantment […]

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10/10/23 Ocarina listening tips

”Mon Péi” from the film “Petit Piaf”

Today, Ocarina travels to the enchanted world of “Petit Piaf”, a musical film directed by Gérard Jugnot, released in cinemas in May 2023, which has enchanted audiences thanks to the […]

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20/09/23 Ocarina listening tips

Ocarina presents a Competition “Spooky Stories”

After the great success of the Writing Competition “Un Natale in Fiaba”, held during the holiday season of 2022, Ocarina presents a new free International Competition, this time with a Halloween […]

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20/09/23 Ocarina listening tips

The Pink Panther – Henry Mancini

Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther, the first in a long and successful series of films of the same name, was released in 1963. The name of the character refers to […]

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20/09/23 Children's education

Ocarina meets Pauline De Falco, child psychologist

Here’s another interview conducted by The pOnd! This time, we meet Pauline De Falco, child and adolescent psychologist. Children’s emotions play a fundamental role in their well-being and growth. Understanding […]

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28/07/23 Ocarina listening tips

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! The leader of the Rolling Stones celebrates his 80th birthday

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! The leader of the Rolling Stones celebrates his 80th birthday. The whole world of music and beyond has been celebrating the king of rock’n’roll, and we […]

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14/07/23 Ocarina listening tips

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bu – Cinderella

Today Ocarina is in the mood for magic and listens to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bu, from Cinderella, a beautiful and famous song, much loved by children for its light and fun lyrics and melody.

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