Oarina listen: Speranza – Gianni Rodari

The 100th anniversary of the birth of Gianni Rodari has been celebrated on October 23d, 2020. An important date that Ocarina also wishes to celebrate to commemorate the great master whose intelligence, imagination, creativity and extreme topicality never get tired.
Many times on The pOnd, Ocarina’s blog, we have spoken about Gianni Rodari, we have listened to his rhymes, his stories, and told about events and exhibitions dedicated to him. In the Ocamerone section of our web site it is possible to listen and download stories from Fiabe al telefono, read by Ocarina’s friends.
In these days marked by waves of fear and uncertainty, we want to commemorate him with a rhyme, taken from the collection Filastrocche per tutto l’Anno, which conveys his positivity: Hope, conceived as something extremely precious , should be distributed to everyone!
Hope which, as Rodari writes, should be ‘affordable’. This is because it is a feeling, a real ‘spring’ of life, which pushes to do more, to move forward. And all of this is certainly something that even the poorest deserve to have.

Se io avessi una botteguccia

fatta di una sola stanza

vorrei mettermi a vendere

sai cosa? La speranza.

“Speranza a buon mercato!”

Per un soldo ne darei

ad un solo cliente

quanto basta per sei.

E alla povera gente

che non ha da campare

darei tutta la mia speranza

senza fargliela pagare.

Here you can buy the rhyme performed by Stefano Panzarasa, Head of the Environmental Education Service in the Lucretili Mountains Regional Natural Park, who conveyed Gianni Rodari’s eco-pacifist message to schools (with his inseparable guitar).
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