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Reality from “La Boum”

08/06/22 Ocarina listens to

Today, Ocarina continues its journey through the soundtracks of movies and TV series of the past. Let’s listen to Reality from the French movie La Boum (English title: The Party or Ready for Love) , the cult movie of the 1980s, the love story par excellence that made all teenagers of those years dream.
The first love, the first dates, the calls with the only phone in the house, the sneaky outings, the parties with slow dancing… La Boum tells the story of adolescence: the protagonist Vic – Sophie Marceau – and her friends represent all the boys and girls who face a difficult phase of their lives, growing up! How can we forget the most exciting moment of the film, when Vic is at a party and Mathieu, the boy she is secretly in love with, surprises her on the dance floor and puts on her the headphones playing Richard Sanderson’s song Reality? They get to know each other and fall in love, listening to this music, isolated from the world, while the others dance and sway to the rhythm of another song. And it is while listening to Reality that all the emotions of the past come to the surface, the memories of distant loves, of a fun and carefree time…

Written and composed by Vladimir Cosma and Jeff Jordan – later recorded by the English singer Richard Sanderson – Reality will become a classic of sentimental pop music, a commercial success in Europe and Asia.  A slow song that was played on all the radios, on which people danced during the holidays, and which sold about 8 million copies!

Even today, this song remains in the collective memory as the symbol of a whole generation.

You will find below the video :