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A high quality audio device designed specifically for children.

ocarina rouge

Ocarina is born from the idea of ​​a father for his children, inspired by his memories of the time spent listening to the cartoons’ theme songs with the legendary ‘Penny’, the orange record player of the 70s.

Ocarina is also a tribute to Captain Harlock, his favorite hero. Ocarina was the musical instrument capable of creating a link between loved ones, even if very distant from each other. That same hero embodies the two guiding principles behind the Ocarina project: freedom and ecology.

The Montessori method and our approach

Produced since 2012, Ocarina has evolved over time to become the benchmark among audio devices for children. A music player entirely made in Italy, of excellent quality that goes beyond the toy devices on the market.
Today Ocarina renews itself by remaining faithful to its original concept and ecological approach.

The ecological approach is in fact the basis of the Ocarina project and is reflected both in the production choices and in the eco-educational orientation of our activities.
The theoretical foundations on which the identity of Ocarina has been developed relate to the method of ecological pedagogy inspired by Rousseau, passing through Pestalozzi and Steiner, up to Montessori.
The pillars of Ocarina are freedom, movement, listening, autonomy and fun. Ocarina meets all children’s listening needs, in all different times and environments, ensuring absolute safety and listening autonomy.
Ocarina is made entirely in Italy – km0, from concept to design, from the production of the electronic components to the packaging, and from the assembly to the realization of the audio contents. This ensures the highest quality of components and of all processes, for a maximum environmental and economic sustainability, as well as strict compliance with safety standards.

Our ecological commitment

For its production, Ocarina respects the action principles of the Circular Economy and the 3 Rs strategy: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.


Thanks to the Assistance / Support Service, every Ocarina Player can be repaired and ‘ repackaged’; in addition we offer an ad hoc service to extend the life of the product by guaranteeing its full functionality. This is the Check Up package, a maintenance service that can be purchased directly on our website and which allows to send the Player to Assistance, where our technicians are responsible for carrying out all the necessary checks to extend the correct functioning of the Player by replacing the battery, cleaning the electronic card and any other required intervention.


Ocarina has been designed to be able to renew all of its components, so it is a device that can be used in multiple life cycles. Considering that second hand products are still usable, Sindbad launched the Ocarina (re)Player project in collaboration with schools, cultural or care associations, pediatric hospital services and childcare professionals, providing lots of refurbished Ocarina Players for the edutainment activities offered by the different structures.
The Ocarina (re)Player project is free and not for profit.


With the contribution of the industry players, Ocarina is committed to monitoring and ensuring the recycling and proper treatment of products and components at the end of the cycle.
The packaging is also made of 100% recyclable paper, as well as the coating rubber.