Ocarina Summer, the player dedicated to summertime


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Ocarina edition Summer

The music player dedicated to children's summertime

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Ocarina Summer brings every child unforgettable moments of fun and positivity, extending the summer mood all year round!

It contains a selection of 13 playlists in 5 languages ideal to accompany a child’s summer. Added to the Classic configuration of each Ocarina is a selection of music, songs, and sea and travel stories in 3 languages (Italian, French, English).

The entire range of tracks has been designed and developed with experts and skilled professionals to instill a warm and vital energy in every moment of the day.

Ocarina’s safety is maximized by its certified non-toxic rubber coating, controlled volume and its parental menu. Smooth surface and rounded design, no moving parts nor transmission wave emissions. It is lightweight and very easy to transport.


Ocarina Summer edition, thanks to its color and dedicated audio selection, stimulates children’s curiosity and helps them travel in both reality and fantasy.

This special edition of Ocarina is the perfect summer vacation gift for children of all ages.

Ocarina comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 15 hours of playback time. It has an 8GB internal memory and can be configured to your liking with your own mp3 tracks.

Ocarina is repairable, recyclable and totally made in Italy.

We believe so much in the durability of our player that we have extended the warranty to 24 long months of bites, throws and drops, thanks to a double anti-shock structure.

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Sky blue, Fire red, Pure green, Warm Light yellow



Maximum volume 75dB, calibrated to protect the ears in case of close listening. Extendable to 90dB temporarily (Parental Menu) or permanently (upgrade via personal account)


Internal memory

8GB. Can hold over 1000 tracks and up to 100 minutes of recordings.

Tracks can be managed from a computer using the supplied cable. No application is required.


Battery and power supply

Lithium-ion battery (3.7V).

Playback time up to 15 hours.

Charging time: 3 hours via micro USB plug.



1.2″ Oled screen


Audio output

3.5mm audio output.

Ocarina can be used with headphones, connected to the home or car stereo system.



Recording function via 3.5mm audio jack. Compatible with an external microphone or headset with microphone (not included)


Parental menu

Adult level access (by a combination of keys) to program playback time, volume control, timer and shuffle.



Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Supports all major audio formats: MP3, WAV, OGG and many M4A extensions.



Double shockproof structure with high resistance material inside and non-toxic, shockproof rubber coating outside.



List of certifications



Packaging: 100% recyclable paper

Shell: 100% recyclable plastic materials

Battery and electronic components: recyclable in specialized centers


Dimensions and weight

Player dimensions in cm 7.7 x 17.7 – h 2.7

Packaging dimensions in cm 11.3 x 22 – h 5.4

Weight of the Player 200 gr


Content of the package

1 Ocarina Player

1 USB-micro USB cable (white cord)

Quick User Guide in 3 languages ( en | fr | en)


2 year warranty on manufacturing defects (in all EU countries), 1 year on the battery


We guarantee a 100% refund of the amount spent. Please send a return request within 30 days of purchase via Ocarina Mia.

Support Service 

Personal account and Technical Support: https://www.ocarinaplayer.com/en/mia-personal-account/

10 free playlists


Ocarina Classic contains 10 playlists for a total of 47 titles.

A rich selection of fairy tales, children’s songs and educational audio content in 5 different languages: Italian, French, English, German and Spanish.







Cuentos para niños

English Rhymes #1

La Valigia del Talento

La Valise du Talent

The Suitcase of Talent


All playlists are exclusive Ocarina productions, designed by age group and purpose.

Each piece expresses the spirit of Ocarina, its curiosity for the new and its attention to tradition, always with care and originality.



3 extra playlists


Summer playlist IT

Summer Playlist FR

Summer Playlist EN

AUDIO Customize your Ocarina

Purchase Ocarina and the first playlist is free. Choose your favorite one in the Playlist site page and the discount will be applied at Checkout. After purchase you will also receive a 20% coupon valid forever on all the playlists!