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The winning fairy tales of the Ocarina Literary Competition

Two unpublished Christmas stories to download for free

16/12/22 Celebrating with children

As a special treat, we are giving all our friends the two winning audio fairy tales of the Ocarina International Literary Contest “A Fabulous Christmas.”
Volpe Cucciola e la polverina magica (by Viviana Grossi) is the title of the winning fairy tale in Italian.  It is a very sweet and poetic story that deals with the classic theme of the preparation of Christmas presents (Santa Claus/elves/magical animals) in an original and delicate way.
What makes it all the more appealing is definitely the performance of Lorenzo Baglioni, comedian and versatile actor from Florence who lent his voice to tell the adventures of the young fox. The result is an audio fairy tale particularly suitable for even the youngest children, enhanced by the voice plays but also by the original sounds and music made in post production by Ocarina.
For the French language, the first prize was awarded to Samuel contre Noël (by Blandine Dalle).
An introspective, highly original fairy tale that captures and deals with themes dear to children: Santa Claus, birthdays, and the relationship with mom and the family. A story that successfully captures the attention of the little ones but also entertains the older ones. The fairy tale was performed by Carole Cheysson for Bloom – La radio des enfants. Again, the voice is enhanced by the sound design created by Ocarina
The two audio fairy tales are available in Italian and French.