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    Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children?

    Some experts try to shed light on the argument

    12/09/16 Children's listening and sleeping

    Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children? Many studies analyzing the children’s sleep increasingly refers of the benefits of so-called “white noise”. But how this kind of noise act over children? Being the noise of the kitchen hood on or the sound of the dryer our puppy sleeps placid in the arms of Morpheus.

    These sounds have the power to eliminate those annoying focusing on those pleasant. We can test the same effect during a dinner in a full dining room of a restaurant; the background noise is a sound that, contrary to what we may think, gladdens the sleep of children. Even in nature there are white noises, we think of the sound of rain or the one of waterfalls in the mountains. The primary characteristic of white noise is its repetitiveness that helps the brain to ignore the frequencies that may stimulate relaxing the body and also the mind. The sound, as the white light it is for all the colors, is the sum of all the audible frequencies at which the repeated sound of the vacuum cleaner or water that flows are very close.
    The pediatrician Harvey Karp says that whites are the same noises that babies listen to in the womb of their mother. A scientific study of infants published in Archives of Disease in Childhood shows that children hearing the white noise were more than three times more likely to fall asleep within five minutes than those non subjected to the noise. “But we must not exaggerate – warns developmental pediatrician Oliviero Bruni – on exposure time and volume of listening – and continues to explain that – it is not entirely clear why the white noise functions.” On many occasions, however, may be a life jackets for parents who after several attempts fail to appease the agitated puppy. Turn on a hair dryer can unleash magic and enchantment as our child is able to find the tranquility and moments later maybe even sleep. The help of white noise has been noted even at Buckingham Palace, where it transpired that, unbelievably, even the Prince George in his first months of life liked to relax and to fall asleep with the sound of water coming down from the tap!