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    Ocarina is more and more "Circular''

    The second life of refurbished audio players

    11/03/22 Children's education

    The (re)Player Program

    At the beginning of spring 2021 Ocarina launched the new (re)Player Program, in Italy and France, through which we enhance the refurbished Ocarina Players.To date there are about 300 Players that have been given a second life, and that have been enriched with audio content OcarinaSound to be donated to associations and institutions that work with children and use audio as a tool for learning, stimulation and relief. Ocarina is also committed to offering to these realities a support to the use of the Players and a technical assistance service in case of malfunctioning and need of updates.

    The project’s main Partners

    Today 30 realities have joined the (re)Player Program: schools, pediatric hospitals, Museums and cultural or care associations dedicated to children, and also professional offices that receive a donation of refurbished Ocarina Players, to use during their recreational or care activities. Here you can find all the realities that collaborate on the project.
    In return, our Partners share with Ocarina their experiences in the field, helping in this way to deepen some aspects of the usefulness of the Ocarina Players, and to study new proposals in terms of audio content or application in new environments.
    In concrete terms, they provide a qualified and professional feedback and help to improve the experience of our young friends.

    The ecological approach of Ocarina

    Ocarina (re)Player is a fundamental project for the implementation of Ocarina’s ecological philosophy, which is reflected both in its production choices and in the eco-pedagogical orientation of our activities.

    For its production, Ocarina follows a principle of lean production that can adapt perfectly to demand. The production is entirely made in Italy. All processing is carried out entirely in Italy and is careful to minimize the volume and packaging of the transported goods.
    With increasingly determined commitment, Ocarina embraces all the guidelines of the Circular Economy and the 3 R’s Strategy: Reduction – Reuse – Recycling.

    Ocarina is designed to resist bumps and falls and is always repairable. Thanks to the dedicated Service, each Ocarina Player can be repaired and ‘renewed’; in addition, an ad hoc proposal has been studied to extend the life of the products, guaranteeing their full functionality.

    Ocarina has been designed so that it can be renewed in every component, and is therefore a device that can be used in multiple life cycles.

    The (re)Player program is, in fact, a fundamental part of our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, offering a second life cycle to refurbished devices in collaboration with realities of the fourth sector engaged in supporting children.

    The packaging is entirely made of 100% recyclable paper and Ocarina’s rubber body is also fully recyclable. With the contribution of key players in the industry, Ocarina is committed to monitoring and ensuring the proper recycling and disposal of products and components at the end of their life.