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    Listen to the adventures of "Les Sharkéologues"

    The new Playlist in French available on the Ocarina website!

    29/02/24 Ocarina listening tips

    Ocarina is happy to announce that an exciting new audio playlist in French has arrived: “Les Sharkéologues – Stories for Children.” Starting today, in the audio section of our site, you can download for free this thrilling playlist created by MINIMO, a French podcast designed especially for multilingual children ages 3 to 9, whether expatriate or bi-national.

    The podcast was conceived and created by two talented journalists, Charlène Pelé and Emilie Cochaud-Kaminski. Charlène, known for her work at major international media including BBC, France 24, AP and AFP, is the mother of two multilingual children. Emilie, a former journalist for BBC and France 24, is now Sweden correspondent for Libération and shares her passion for French culture and language with her French-Swedish students.

    The inspiration for this podcast came from the need to create engaging, totally screen-free audio content in order to encourage concentration on the language and stimulate the imagination of young listeners.

    “Les Sharkéologues – Stories for Children” follows the adventures of three cute little sharks – Tara, Riki and Squal – as they set out to search for treasure around the world.
    Equipped with their diving suits, Tara, Riki and Squal take you on an exciting adventure. A forgotten tomb in Egypt? A T-Rex skeleton to reconstitute in America? Chocolate disappearing in Mexico? No doubt about it, this is a mission for the Sharkéologues! Like 3 blundering Indiana Jones, they criss-cross the globe in pursuit of stories, legends and friendships. So batten down the hatches and open your gills…the adventure is about to begin!

    Get ready to go on an incredible journey with Tara, Riki and Squal – download the playlist now from the Ocarina website and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!