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    Ocarina listens: The Wolf’s Song/Vargsången

    31/05/23 Ocarina listening tips

    Today Ocarina listens to a beautiful and sweet Swedish lullaby, “The Wolf’s Song/Vargsången. The song was written by one of Sweden’s most beloved authors, Astrid Lindgren, best known for her famous work “Pippi Longstocking.”

    “The Wolf Song” is a very popular lullaby in Sweden and is often sung by parents to help their children fall asleep. The song was written by Lindgren for her novel ” Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter/Ronja Rövardotter, published in 1981 and later adapted into the fantasy film Ronja Rövardotter directed by Swedish director Tage Danielsson and scripted by the Swedish writer herself.

    The story is situated in a medieval setting in the Swedish forest and is focused on young Ronja, the daughter of a brigand chief, and her friendship with Birk, the son of the chief of a rival tribe. Despite the rivalries between their families, Ronja and Birk struggle to overcome their differences and build a strong friendship.

    And it is Lovis, Ronja’s mother, who sings the wolf’s lullaby to soothe her little girl from her fear of the wolves in the forest, making her feel safe.

    Below is the version sung by Jonna Jinton, a Swedish artist, musician and filmmaker who lives in the woods in northern Sweden. On her YouTube channel she shares a mix of everything she is passionate about: from stories and glimpses of her daily life to music, kulning (calls of Nordic shepherds), painting, nature films and much more.