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    Today Ocarina listens to

    Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

    13/07/22 Ocarina listening tips

    Today Ocarina listen to Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, a song that has been topping all the major charts around the world for weeks. A resounding success due to the Netflix series Strager Things, which chose this song from the ’80s pop music icon. 

    After retiring in 2014, Bush thus returned to the limelight with this piece, driving the boys and the girls of Generation Z crazy, who, until now, had perhaps never even heard of her.

    Singer, pianist and composer, Kate Bush’s career is long and eventful. She began playing music at age of 5 and composing at 13. She was discovered by David Gilmour of the Pink Floyd, who in 1978 helped her release her first album, “The Kick Inside,” with “Wuthering Heights,” her debut single, which would fly straight to No. 1 on the British charts.

    In 1985 Bush returned with the hit Running Up That Hill, included on “Hounds of Love,” probably the most famous of the six 9 studio albums he recorded.

    After 37 years Running Up That Hill returns to be heard halfway around the world, becoming a true musical phenomenon, such that it is the first time that a song within a TV series has achieved such a resounding result. Let’s just point out that thanks to its use in the Netflix series, this song has increased its ratings on streaming platforms by almost 10,000% (!!!), reached number one on iTunes and Spotify.
    The song tells about how a man and a woman should switch roles to better understand each other and to do so they should run up a hill, cross over, make a pact. 

    Undoubtedly, the great success is also due to its use in some key scenes of the series: one of the main characters listens to it all the time with a walkman and the piece has a saving role as if it brings in superpowers.

    As of today, we’re waiting for the new and final episodes of the fourth series of Strager Things where the song will still be present…. all of us are holding our breath.

    While waiting, let’s watch the video of Running Up That Hill.