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    Ocarina listens to  #159

    What is life? - Guillaume Aldebert

    08/02/24 Ocarina listening tips
    “What is life?” – Such a simple, yet profound question lies at the heart of Guillaume Aldebert’s gentle melody “La vie c’est quoi?”. The song is a sweet dialogue between a daughter and her father, who together explore the true meaning of life, as seen through the curious and authentic eyes of children.

    Guillaume Aldebert, born in Paris in 1973, is passionate about metal music, and surprisingly devotes his creative vein to writing children’s songs, aimed at both children and parents. His main sources of inspiration are his three children: Charlie, Gabin and Lison.
    His four “Enfantillages” albums, the latest of which was released in August 2021, have sold almost 800,000 copies. These albums cover a wide range of themes, from the little joys and woes of everyday life (back-to-school, mythos, love at first sight, questions, fear of the dark, etc.) to homoparentality, ecology, screen addiction and hyperactivity.

    “La vie c’est quoi?” is a track taken from the 2017 album “Enfantillages 3”. In this song, Aldebert goes beyond everyday experiences, delving into the deep questions that often elude us. What is life? What is its purpose? These questions, presented with poetic sensitivity, transform the song into an engaging experience for anyone who takes the time to listen carefully.

    In 2022, “La vie c’est quoi?” has taken on a new form with a book of the same name, produced in collaboration with illustrator Maud Roegiers. The book adds a visual element to the beauty of the song, creating an even more complete experience.

    During the 2020 pandemic, the magic of “La vie c’est quoi?” crossed French borders and reached Puglia, where eclectic Bari musician Orazio Saracino created an arrangement and adaptation in Italian entitled “La vita cos’è”. The video clip, shot by Lucia Chianura, accompanies the song with touching images.

    Below you’ll find the video for the original song “La vie c’est quoi?” and the video for the Italian adaptation “La vita cos’è”.