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    Yeha-Noha - Sacred Spirit

    21/03/24 Ocarina listening tips

    Many songs have the power to calm us down, to make us feel as if we were embraced, and “Yeha-Noha” by Sacred Spirit has just that power. Combining ancient Native American melodies with modern rhythms, it takes us into a state of meditation, contemplation, and is suitable to relax even children.
    The song, included on the debut album of the German music project Sacred Spirit entitled “Chants and Dances of the Native Americans,” was a great success: it was certified as a gold disc in France after spending 19 weeks on the French singles chart as of July 8, 1995.

    Yeha-Noha opens with the repetitive and soothing sound of a tribal drum, accompanied by the soul-deep chanting in the Navajo language of a Navajo old man from Chinle, Arizona.
    As the song progresses, traditional instruments such as the native flute and singing in tribal languages blend with contemporary electronic rhythms, leading us on a spiritual journey through ancient Native American legends. Indeed, the song draws on rich Navajo mythology, particularly the tale of the Giant (Yé’iitsoh) and the owl’s attempt to trick him by stealing a precious ball.
    .. shaa ninánóh’aah (give it back to me).
    … Yé’iitsoh jinínáá léi’ (… The Giant says again and again…)
    … ninánóh’aah (…give it back).

    This mythical episode reflects the delicate balance between light and dark, day and night, the duality that permeates the universe itself.

    “Yeha-Noha” thus goes beyond mere musical entertainment and is also a reminder of man’s responsibility to nature. Through its words, it invites us to reflect on our relationship with the environment and the consequences of our actions on the ecosystem. It reminds us how important it is to respect and preserve nature, just as the American Indians did, living in harmony and symbiosis with Mother Earth.

    Below is the video: