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    The pOnd


    The Pond is the virtual magazine that talks about audio for children. On The pOnd you can find listening suggestions, to keep up to date with current or past audio content to share also with your children. You can also find here in-depth studies, records, interviews with experts on topics related to audio and parenting.

    19/06/20 Ocarina listening tips

    The most beautiful songs of Francesco Guccini

    In a few days Francesco Guccini will turn 80 and Ocarina doesn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this important anniversary by listening to some of his most beautiful songs. Full of timeless […]

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    19/06/20 Celebrating with children

    The Music Day is back again next June 21st!

    On June 21st, the Summer solstice day, the whole world dances to the rhythm of the Music Day. An international event that has been repeated regularly for more than a quarter […]

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    21/02/20 Ocarina listening tips

    Henri Des: the children’s songwriter

    50 years of career, 250 songs, 4.5 million albums sold, 30 schools bearing his name, 100 times on the Olympia stage, 15 gold records, a melody composed for the carillon […]

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    14/11/19 Children's education

    Chiropractic and sensory development in children

    Sébastien Cras, can you talk about your profession? I am a chiropractor based in the Basque Country, in Bayonne. Chiropractic is an excellent remedy to identify and combat spinal problems, […]

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    24/09/19 Children's education Children's listening and sleeping

    Listening in learning: towards new educational frontiers

    The bell is now played in all schools; children return to class and the new year begins with new good intentions! If you want to help your children to face […]

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    04/07/19 Ocarina news

    Animal Verses

    Ocarina is 5 years old! In June Ocarina celebrated its first 5 years of made in Italy production with a big party. 5 years that were very intense, dedicated to […]

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    31/05/19 Pregnancy and baby first months

    Babywearing: the advantages for the little ones and for mum and dad

    Carrying children in the wrap is an increasingly popular practice. Wrapped in a fabric or in a baby carrier, always in close contact with mum or dad. A way of […]

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    17/01/19 Pregnancy and baby first months Celebrating with children


    Since the prenatal period, the fetus is able to perceive the noises, the sounds and the voices not only through the auditory apparatus but also through the sensations received by […]

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    16/01/18 Ocarina listening tips

    Having fun with the sounds: lots of games to do with Ocarina

    For children to play with sounds is very funny and at the same time also very stimulating for their growth. Some scientific studies show that a proper education to listen […]

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    15/01/18 Children's education

    The children of the digital age: reflections on the Unicef 2017 Report

    Play station addicted, always connected to the internet with smartphone at hand even at night: they are digital natives, children and young people born after 2001 for which the virtual […]

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