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    The pOnd


    The Pond is the virtual magazine that talks about audio for children. On The pOnd you can find listening suggestions, to keep up to date with current or past audio content to share also with your children. You can also find here in-depth studies, records, interviews with experts on topics related to audio and parenting.

    25/10/16 Ocarina listening tips

    “Ho visto un re” by Dario Fo and Enzo Jannacci

    We also wish to pay tribute to Dario Fo, the great artist, Nobel prize, passed away a few days ago. We chose to remember him with  “Ho visto un re”, […]

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    20/10/16 Celebrating with children

    Halloween Writing Competition

    It’s the time of year for Spooky Stories. How would you like to hear your own words read out on Storynory, this Halloween? You would? Well get writing! Richard will […]

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    28/09/16 Ocarina listening tips

    “Tim Learns About the Olympics” by Storynory

    2016 is the year of the Olympics! After the excitement for the Olympic Games of last August we just ended to feel great emotions looking at the Paralympic Games, which […]

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    13/09/16 Ocarina listening tips

    Playlist Bloom – la radio des enfants

    This week we asked to our friends of Bloom, the best radio for children made in France, to propose a selection of their work. We are very happy to publish […]

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    13/09/16 Children's education Children's listening and sleeping

    The history of the Orchestra of Children founded by Abreu

    Today we want to tell you about a beautiful story born in Venezuela 40 years ago. In 1975 the economist and musician José Antonio Abreu founded El Sistema, an educational […]

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    13/09/16 Ocarina listening tips

    Our playlist with the most famous Andersen’s tales

    On the occasion of the Andersen Festival, the most important Italian Festival dedicated to fairy tales and theater, that will be held in Sestri Levante from June 9 to 12, […]

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    13/09/16 Where to go with children

    Traveling with children

    Leaving is exploring new sensations definitely it falls among the “good” emotions that a child can breathe next to the parents. The little ones have the innate gift to adapt […]

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    13/09/16 Celebrating with children Where to go with children

    Music Day and it is already summer. Win Ocarina with Evian!

    The Music Day is a great popular event that takes place every year on June 21 in many cities in the world. Started in France in 1982 with the purpose […]

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    13/09/16 Celebrating with children Where to go with children

    FOG – The Florence Youth Festival

    Ocarina loves music, specially when children are protagonists. This is why we love so much the Florence Youth Festival that was born in Florence in 1999 by the Academy San […]

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    12/09/16 Children's listening and sleeping

    Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children

    Why white noises conciliate the sleep of our children? Many studies analyzing the children’s sleep increasingly refers of the benefits of so-called “white noise”. But how this kind of noise […]

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