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    Traveling with children

    13/09/16 Where to go with children

    Leaving is exploring new sensations definitely it falls among the “good” emotions that a child can breathe next to the parents. The little ones have the innate gift to adapt to situations, what matters is that they are supported by peaceful adults who make live a positive atmosphere. Will choose the sea like last year or you’ll launch at a time for a new adventure? Remember that there are no privileged destinations than other for traveling with small children, the important thing is to privilege situations where even the youngest can find interest in and feel at ease. The trip helps make a living experience of novelty, discovery and deepening that staying at home in the usual environment is rarely experienced. Travelling means looking at the world with new eyes as those of our children and discover with them unexplored places sharing the same magic and wonder.

    There are at least five good reasons to go with Ocarina:
    To record sounds and thoughts
    To fall asleep lulled by the sound
    To develop the travel diary and storytelling
    To cuddle anywhere
    To reassure him with the sound of “home”

    Ocarina is also passionate about travel and the journey has been the key element of the project since its inception. The idea was born five years ago from the experience of a young Florentine family dynamic that has tested the first ancestor of Ocarina during a trip to Cambodia. That both the sea or the mountain is your summer destination, the first music player designed for the little ones is the perfect companion to take on the go. Mobile, versatile and durable Ocarina is synonymous with security, made in Italy using non-toxic materials. Travelling with her allows you to record sounds and thoughts and tell a fairy tale. Ocarina immerses your children in a safe and quiet situation making him “breathe” the air of home while traveling. Close your eyes and Ocarina brings you home. And remember, dear mom and dad, no matter go to the ends of the earth because traveling is a condition, just do it with curiosity and discovery

    What are you waiting for? Plans the next trip. Ocarina will be happy to be with you!