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Ocarina supports UNICEF to help children in Ukraine

Ocarina, the Music Player designed for children, wears the colors of Ukraine.

Choose your favorite combination of “Ocarina WithUkraine” and for each order 15 euros will be donated in favor of the extraordinary fundraising campaign UNICEF.

Inside “Ocarina WithUkraine” you will find the same contents of the Ocarina Classic Edition with the additional OcarinaSound Playlist ‘World Lullabies‘. In homage also a special Ukrainian folk tradition lullaby.

Ocarinaplayer Ucraina
Ocarina WithUkraine Versione Blu/Gialla

Ocarina WithUkraine

Version Blue/Yellow

€ 102,90

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Ocarina WithUkraine Versione Gialla/Blu

Ocarina WithUkraine

Version Yellow/ Blue

€ 102,90

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Fully customizable 8Gb capacity.
Rechargeable battery. Playback duration up to 15 hours.
Shockproof and toxic-free material.
Parental Control with Volume, Timer and Shuffle control.
52 free preloaded tracks.
24 months warranty.
Free 30-days return.