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    Music Day and it is already summer. Win Ocarina with Evian!

    13/09/16 Celebrating with children Where to go with children

    The Music Day is a great popular event that takes place every year on June 21 in many cities in the world. Started in France in 1982 with the purpose to celebrate the summer solstice is the anniversary par excellence dedicated to all music lovers, professionals and amateurs who share their love for music. The celebration has involved many European cities and has spread widely around the world. Every street is pervaded by the magic that is created thanks to those who experience it and loves music in all its forms and declination. The main feature of the events is the spontaneity that comes from the desire to play freely.The Edition 2016 in Italy is supported for the first time by theMinistry of Cultural Heritage Culture and Tourism and SIAE.

     All around Europe many cities today will put music at the center. From Paris to Barcelone, from London to Atene to Berlin each cities celebrate the music on his own way. Many concerts in the streets, squares, gardens, courtyards, palaces, museums and castles to the rhythm of jazz, soul, funk, rock, and many genres of music marking the time of this special day.

    Ocarina love and support the Music Day that puts music at the center to share it and celebrate it in all its forms: a special occasion of celebration that helps us remember a day more the importance that music plays in people’s lives regardless of the apparent differences such as demographic, gender or cultural.

    Today to celebrate the music we can do even more, by attending in the Evian competition where you can win Ocarina. Joining is simple and fun: Tell us in a few words what music your baby listen. You can partecipate until July 13!


     Today more than ever, celebrate the Music all together!