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    Ocarina presents a Competition "Spooky Stories"

    20/09/23 Ocarina listening tips

    After the great success of the Writing Competition “Un Natale in Fiaba”, held during the holiday season of 2022, Ocarina presents a new free International Competition, this time with a Halloween theme, entitled “Spooky Stories”.
    The initiative is organized in collaboration with “Bloom La radio des enfants” and “Storynory”, and is aimed at all fans of children’s literature and fairy tales in particular.
    The “Spooky Stories” competition has as its object the writing of a frightening and unpublished tale, in which the main characters are such dark and mysterious creatures as witches, vampires, ghosts and skeletons..
    Participants are invited to let their imaginations run wild and create enchanted but gloomy worlds, where the atmosphere of Halloween reigns supreme.
    The aptitude of the text to be transposed into audio – such as the presence of dialogues and descriptions with references to sounds and noises – will also be positively evaluated.

    A committee of experts, including a representative from Franco Cosimo Panini, will evaluate the tales and choose the best, in terms of originality, for each
    of the two languages, Italian and French.
    The stories are aimed primarily at children between the ages of 2 and 6; all texts must be appropriate for that age group.
    The winning stories will be interpreted in Italian by actress Serra Yilmaz, in French by a voice proposed by “Bloom La radio des enfants,” and in English by Hugh Fraser, Founder and Director of “Storynory,” a London-based podcast platform that offers original stories for children. Founded in 2005, “Storynory” has grown in popularity and today about one million mp3 files are downloaded there each month by families, teachers and educators.
    The text will then be converted into an mp3 audio track and post-produced with the addition of music and sound design. The final audios will be produced in three languages: Italian, French and English

    A personalized project cover is also planned.

    The tracks will be made available for listening on ocarinaplayer.com and
    on laradiodesenfants.fr where the authors’ credits will be indicated.

    The public will also be able to express their liking: the fairy tales deemed eligible will be published on the blog: https://www.ocarinaplayer.com/blog/ and shared on the social networks of the promoters, so that the public will be able to express their liking.

    The author of the track with the highest appreciation will receive as a prize an Ocarina Player.

    Participation in the competition is really easy: membership is completely free, upon
    filling out the appropriate entry form, found on the link: https://www.ocarinaplayer.com/en/halloween/

    Authors will have to upload their tale on pdf file in the upload section. The deadline for submission of the entry is set for October 10.

    For more information send an email to: [email protected]

    Join Ocarina in this literary adventure and dive into the enchantment of “Spooky Stories”!