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    Europe's best theme parks dedicated to fairy tales

    6 magical places to visit with children

    11/07/23 Where to go with children
    Who has never dreamed of entering a fairy tale and meeting the protagonists of their favorite stories? There are fairy tale theme parks, enchanted places where children but also older children can live out their dreams, immersing themselves in fantastic paths, letting the magic take them away. If you’re looking for a vacation destination that the whole family can agree on, here are some suggestions of theme parks around Europe, inspired by the world of famous fairy tales.

    • Pinocchio Park, Collodi (Italy)
    • The Little Prince’s Park, Ungersheim (France)
    • Efteling, The “fairy tale park,” Kaatsheuvel (Netherlands)
    • The Fairy Forest, Wolfratshausen (Germany)
    • The World of Astrid Lindgren, Vimmerby (Sweden)
    • Peppa Pig’s World, Hampshire (Great Britain)
    Pinocchio Park, Collodi (Italy)
    In the charming town of Collodi, a small village in Tuscany, is Pinocchio Park, an enchanting place that celebrates one of the most famous fairy tales in children’s literature, born from the mind of Carlo Collodi (pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini). This park, dedicated to the most famous wooden puppet in the history of literature, is a perfect blend of art, nature and literary suggestions.
    As you explore this lush garden, you won’t come across mind-blowing special effects, but you will feel an atmosphere of vintage charm. Real works of art are set in the surrounding lush vegetation, sometimes embellished with water features, and among them you can meet famous characters from the story, from Pinocchio himself to the Blue Fairy, the cat and the fox. Not to be missed is the bronze reproduction of the Whale that swallowed Geppetto and Pinocchio. Just as in the fairy tale, it is possible to be “swallowed” by the jaws of the great mammal and then climb up a small ladder to its head, from which one can enjoy a spectacular view of the park. The sculpture, placed on a small pond, emits jets of water at regular intervals. Equally fascinating is the ivy maze, a place where young and old can get lost and find their way back.
    Once in Collodi, it would be a shame to leave without making a stop at the historical Garzoni Garden and the beautiful House of Butterflies. The Garzoni Garden is an 18th-century charming place, a unique green monument in Europe. It is the result of a two-century-long work, begun in the 16th century, that transformed a kitchen garden and hunting grove next to the Counts Garzoni’s country residence into a magnificent work of art. Getting lost among the wonders of this fantastic place – cool and evocative artificial caves, theaters created with boxwood hedges, statues depicting satyrs, gods, animals, figures from the Bible, history or folklore, dense patches of bamboo – will be a magical experience. Equally beautiful and interesting, for both children and adults, is the Butterfly House, a large greenhouse in which a tropical garden has been set up that houses a lot of exotic plants and about 1,000 butterflies.
    The Little Prince’s Park, Ungersheim (France)
    In the heart of Alsace, between Mulhouse and Colmar lies the Parc du Petit Prince, the Little Prince Park, a playground but also a poetic, playful and educational project inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s famous novel.
    It is the world’s first aerial park, a dream for adults and children alike, which takes the form of a universe of aviation, water, animals and plants.  Four themed areas housing thirty-one attractions, as well as 2D, 3D and 4D shows themed around air travel and the adventures of the Little Prince, and a butterfly farm.
    Among the most popular attractions are the giant labyrinth at the “Courrier Sud,” the Tyrolean-style flying chairs, and the 3D films where the adventures of the Little Prince thrill both young and older children! Truly unique is the “L’Avion” pavilion where children walk down a corridor that tricks the eye, thanks to geometric games. And then again shows, the roses garden, a meadow in which to admire foxes, and the first indigenous lepidoptera farm-i.e., butterflies-open to the public make this a perfect place for ageless fun. Just think that even two-year-olds can find tailor-made attractions here, such as the toy train that takes them around the perimeter of the park.
    Asteroid B612 is the place to experience the beauty of a hot air balloon flight, soaring up to 150 meters, hugging the entire Alsatian region with your gaze. A truly unique sight! There is also an aerial bar that invites visitors to take a break 35 meters above the ground….
    The park relies not only on technology to enchant the public, but also on the magic of Saint-Exupéry’s book. Indeed, among the aircraft, wooden statues, and breathtaking views are scattered with quotes from the “Little Prince,” for you to read and rediscover.
    Efteling – The “fairy tale park,” Kaatsheuvel (Netherlands)
    Just two hours from Amsterdam is Efteling: the most famous theme park in the Netherlands, an ode to the world of fairy tales.  From the classic ones, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many others, to more recent ones.
    Efteling is an attraction park beloved by all Dutch people, young and older, where you can spend a day (and more) out of the ordinary. It is possible to wander into the fairy forest, ride on several colorful and imaginative carousels, stand in front of talking trees, visit castles of princesses and knights, enter dwarf houses and be surrounded by elves…
    But that’s not the end of the story.  Alongside the fairy tale places, there are many adrenaline-pumping attractions. Such as the wooden roller coaster that “defies” the Joris dragon, or the breathtaking Baron 1898, aboard which you’ll challenge a vertical descent of as much as 40 meters. And then there is the exhilarating ride on Captain Willem’s lifeboat, arriving, swooping, in the waters of the artificial pond. Finally, Efteling’s steel roller coaster and 350-meter rapids to be tackled by dinghy.
    The settings are meticulously detailed, each one “telling a story” and projecting one into a parallel, fantasy world.
    In between rides of death, between visits to the dragon castle and the pirate galleon, you can enjoy one of the many shows that are staged daily. Shows dedicated to the best-known characters from fairy tales: puppet theater, ballets, musicals…pure fun.
    Don’t miss the magic of Aquanura: 12 minutes of lights and water games in Efteling’s central lake. The perfect show to close the evening when the 900 lights color the park at sunset.
    The Fairy Forest, Wolfratshausen (Germany)
    Near Munich at Lake Starnberger See, there is Märchenwald Isartal (The Fairy Tale Forest) a park especially suitable for children from zero to ten years old, inspired by the most famous fairy tales. In addition to a ride on a historic railway, the flower carousel or the “star swing,” there is the Fairy Tale Trail: 20 famous fairy tales and related characters such as the Bremen Town Musicians, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, the Frog Prince, Cinderella, Hänsel and Gretel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
    Talking trees, dolls, small theaters, colorful shop windows; wherever you feel like taking a break to listen to a fairy tale, you can stop and press a simple button. All fairy tales can be heard in both German and English.
    At the Märchenwald, the word is ride! You only pay the entrance fee, then all activities within the park are free.  In the forest you can ride pigs, giant hedgehogs, rabbits, wild boars, horses and more! And then more rides for both young and old in the shape of cups, hot air balloons, giant spiders and the squirrel train; a giant squirrel with seats that runs super fast through the trees, baby roller coaster style! Plus, how could we not stop at the pacifier tree, where the little ones will be helped to officially say goodbye to the pacifier!
    Right next to the restaurant, there is the screaming animal/puppet farm and the biggest merry-go-round: the Astronautentester be done before lunch, mind you!
    The World of Astrid Lindgren, Vimmerby (Sweden).
    Located in the region south of Stockholm known as Småland, Vimmerby is home to The Park of Pippi Longstocking, a magical place that fans of the little girl with the unmistakable red pigtails really cannot miss.
    Vimmerby is the hometown of Astrid Lindgren, the well-known Swedish author of children’s literature who is considered a spiritual mother to several generations in Sweden. In addition to the best-known character of Pippi Longstocking, the literary park narrates, including through dramatizations, the stories of other protagonists of Lindgren’s stories who have become legendary, think Emil, the bratty child, or Kalle Blomkvist, the very young detective.
    In Pippi Longstocking’s park it is like being suspended a little bit between reality and fantasy and tiptoeing into a place of poetry and fairy tale where nothing is left to chance.
    Perfectly reconstructed settings, little houses and entire miniature villages to explore, spectacular playgrounds in the Nordic tradition. There are also ponds to cross aboard wooden rafts, giant furniture to climb on, a farm with animals to pet, pirate boats, carpentry with all the tools available for working with wood, castles, and arenas for performances.
    The icing on the cake is Villa Villekulle, the little yellow and pink house where Pippi lives with the little monkey Mr. Nilsson and her horse. Here children can meet Piglet himself and take part in interactive shows from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Although the little red-haired girl speaks only Swedish, she can talk and entertain children from any country with her magic!
    Peppa Pig World, Hampshire (Great Britain).
    In England in Romsey in Hampshire within the Paultons Family Theme Park, not far from Southampton is the Peppa Pig World
    A park, a realm of magic and color, that allows visitors an immersion in the world of the famous little pig so beloved by children, especially preschoolers.
    Seven rides and attractions, an indoor play area, pools and mud and water puddles to entertain young guests: children can enjoy the cute cartoon-inspired carousel rides such as Mrs. Rabbit’s helicopter flight, Peppa’s hot air balloon, and the Windy Castle. There is also a chance to take a ride on Grandpa Pig’s toy train and boat. Don’t miss George’s play space, of course with space rocket and dinosaurs, as well as a visit to the Pig family home, kindergarten and playground is recommended. A huge indoor play area and, of course, a mud puddle park and animated attractions could not be missed.
    Be warned, Peppa Pig’s World is not always open, and when it is, limited to the 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. time slot. We recommend you check the reference site for all information and details.