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New Playlist Out now!

18/05/22 Insights Ocarina news

“Fabulous Trees”: 5 audio stories from all around the world that have trees as protagonists.
Ocarina continues to celebrate spring with a new playlist entitled “Fabulous Trees.” Until June 21, on purchasing the Ocarina Green Edition, the special edition dedicated to Nature and animals, you will receive for free 5 fabulous audio stories about trees all around the world !
Young, old and legendary Trees that talk, walk, love, suffer: these are the main characters of OcarinaSound’s new audio project, made in three different languages: Italian, English and French.
“Fabulous Trees” has been created with the idea to entertain, relax and take children on a journey into a fantasy world, but also to make them understand the importance of trees for a more respectful approach to Nature.
The tales come from different countries around the world -Japan, Polynesia, Africa, the Caribbean- and have been made more enjoyable for younger children. In addition to a revisitation of the stories, Ocarina has also done a precious post-production work with music and sounds.
Do you know the story of a little golden fish that turns into an Enchanted Tree? What about the tale of the Great Oak who saves his fellow animal inhabitants of the woods with his love? Who is the strongest among the Baobab, the Mangrove and the Mahogany? Do you want to know how the Bread Tree was born? What about The Legend of the Willow Tree? To learn more about these fantastic protagonists and discover their stories, just close your eyes, open your ears wide and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 5 audio tales.
Enjoy your listening!